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Many quilters enjoy the process of creating the quilt top and then pack it away because they really aren't certain what the next best step is.  After all the hours spent creating the top, let us help you get it finished so you can enjoy it.

Long Arm Quilting

We are currently taking a break from long arm quilting to catch up on our own stack, but hope to be accepting quilting in late 2015.

**Pricing starts at $1.75 per square foot - all over design
  • Minimum quilting fee $45.00
  • Squaring up backing/batting is an additional fee
  • Pressing is an additional fee for top and back
  • Batting not included in quilting price
  • Backing not included in quilting price
**Batting available for sale for your quilt

**Any size quilt up to King and California King

You have so much love, time and money in your top. Please make sure you take the same care when you have it quilted. Call us and we can help you ensure your quilt gets the attention it deserves.

Quilt Binding
We offer several options for quilt binding with your fabric:
  • Half binding (sew to one side only) 10 cents per inch
  • Full machine binding (finished) 15 cents per inch
  • Magic Strip binding (two colors) 25 cents per inch
With all binding options, please email or phone us for correct cutting widths for your bindings (minimum of 2.5" wide).  In most cases, we will be happy to make your binding with your fabric.

We can also provide binding fabric for you. Let us help you get that quilt on a bed!

Custom Quilts

We always have quilts for sale but if you would like something specific, please email us at: or phone us at 928-428-5225. 

We can create a custom heirloom quilt for you.

Article about what our quilts are worth.