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Jack's Staff and Instructors

Our facilities and classrooms, are fun and funky but very comfortable and not quite as old as the classroom in this photo.   Oh, and we're positive you will have way more fun than the kids in the picture!

Kathi Martin - Proprietress - Fabric & Glass
Kathi Martin has been quilting for 20+ years and sewing for twice that. She began when a good pair of scissors were the tool of choice for cutting quilt components. Kathi enjoys both traditional quilt designs as well as free form scrap quilts. She especially loves creating "after" quilts from the remnants of other quilts. Kathi has been known to retrieve fabric from other people's trash cans to include in a scrap quilt. Seriously. You will also find Kathi teaching or assisting in the glass education. And yes, she pulls glass out of trash cans, too.

Roger Martin - da Bomb - Glass (and other fonts of education)
Roger Martin owned and operated Artistry Glass Studios for 10 years in Tempe and Chandler, AZ. He taught all levels of stained glass, sandblasting and glass painting classes at Artistry as well as taught stained glass at Mesa Community College. He has a degree in Graphic Arts and has designed, built and installed stained glass and sandblasted art panels in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Nevada. He has completed many advanced workshops in antique stained glass restoration, sandblasting and sand carving, painting on glass, as well as fusing. Roger truly enjoys teaching a craft which has been around for hundreds of years. Kind of like him.

Mary Hawkins - Staff - Fabric
Mary is our resident Canadian.  We are fortunate to have her from about November thru April.  She spends six months in Arizona and six months in her native Canada.  Mary is a certified quilt appraiser in Canada and I suspect she is somewhat of a big deal there.  I am positive she is a big deal here.  We love her vast knowledge of all the hand work techniques associated with quilting and always look forward to Mary sharing her new knowledge at a class at Jack's.  She thoroughly enjoys taking classes and learning new techniques that she generously shares.  It could only be better if we had her year round.